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RPC opinion on Renters (Reform) Bill Impact Assessment

An opinion has been published on the impact assessment (IA) relating to the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities’ Renter (Reform) Bill by the Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC). The RPC mentioned the DLUHC had made the required alterations to the classification of direct and indirect significances in its published IA, along with granting additional explanations to support cases where concerns may have come up regarding their appropriateness. The IA offers more distinct information about the measures included within it, differentiating between enacting, and enabling provisions as well. DLUHC provided persistent clarity throughout the document when discussing the correspondent annual net direct cost to business and relevant net present value figure and had taken in consideration additional impacts that may affect landlords and the private rental, sector, elaborating the document with extra text to affirm key assumptions, has been confirmed by the RPC as well.

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