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Non-contentious Probate Fees


Our fees for a UK only based assets, where beneficiaries are not in dispute and all of the executors named in the Will are present, are £5,000 or 1% of the total value of the Estate, whichever is higher.


We will also charge for disbursements that we pay on your behalf. The fees anticipated are £273 application fee, £220 plus VAT for gazette local newspaper notice, £58.80 for Will search and small fees for bankruptcy and obtaining title documents.   There may also be other disbursements such as inheritance tax, executor insurance and other fees for accountants, valuers and surveyors.

Key stages

  • Meeting with executors to take instructions and discuss process.
  • Liaising with the different entities to obtain value of assets/liabilities as at the date of death.
  • Complete the relevant IHT forms and filing them with HMRC.
  • Arranging payment of the inheritance tax (if any).
  • Obtaining the grant of probate.
  • Collecting assets and settling any liabilities.
  • Distribution of the estate pursuant to the Will.


As with costs much depends on the case and its circumstances, and we will update as your case progresses. This would take any time between 6-18 months depending on how fast the entities respond and how long HMRC takes to process the IHT forms filed. 


The fees set out above cover all the work required to take the matter from initial instructions (e.g. case assessment) to a final hearing whether that done at an agreed hourly rate or through a damage-based agreement. They do not cover the costs of enforcing any judgement if this is not received.

Such work includes (but is not limited to):

  • Taking your initial instructions;
  • Considering and reviewing your documents and advising you in writing of your prospects of success and likely award;
  • Initial discussion with the other party or their representatives;
  • Further negotiations through ACAS early conciliation;
  • Preparing the Employment Tribunal documentation such as a Claim (ET1) or Defence (ET3);
  • Preparing a quantum schedule detailing your loss and expected reward;
  • Telephone calls between Allied Goodwin Solicitors (AGS) and Client;
  • Telephone calls between AGS and third parties’;
  • All correspondence via email and letter between AGS and Client;
  • All correspondence via email and letter between AGS and third parties’;
  • All drafting and case preparation;


The costs of pursuing a claim is difficult to accurately estimate without further details. We therefore recommend that you should contact one of our team members on 020 3343 6204 to discuss the matter. This will enable our expert team to provide you with an estimate based on your personal or businesses circumstances.

There are many factors which can determine the costs of Tribunal proceedings, including but not limited to:

  1. The stage of our instructions;
  2. The documents that are required;
  3. The volume of documents to be assessed;
  4. The number of parties to the proceedings;
  5. The need for initial preliminary hearings and/or applications;
  6. The length of the estimated hearing.