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Family Law

We take all family law cases personally

Are you going through a difficult time and need expert advice you can trust?

At Allied Goodwin Solicitors, we can help if your marriage has broken down or you need legal advice in resolving issues regarding finances or children.

Our solicitors are available to support you through key moments in your life and provide you with the best possible advice.

You may have to consult us when:

  • You are in the process of getting married and you are considering a pre-nuptial agreement to protect you and or your family’s assets.
  • Your relationship is at an end and you need to resolve complex and financial settlement issues.
  • You need to protect your children’s welfare.


Throughout this whole process confidentiality is key and your privacy will be respected every step of the way. Our solicitors will make sure you are receiving the most effective and efficient service.

Why People Choose Us?

Highly Accredited

We take great pride in our many honours & certification.


We are a team of experienced and dedicated staff at Allied Goodwin.

We Take Care

The needs of our customers are at the centre of all we do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Family Law?

Family law is the area of law that addresses family relationships. It includes creating family relationships and breaking them through divorce and termination of parental rights. Family law addresses adoption, contested custody of children and the child support obligations that result.

  • Our family law team can assist you with various matters of family law, these include:

  • Divorce & Separation

  • Children – custodial agreements, maintenance, and support

  • Cohabitation Agreements

  • Court Injunction Orders

Why does the family team do what they do?

Sadly, most of us will experience a relationship breakup or family quarrel. With this in mind, we streamline the legal procedure and uncomplicate things to allow our clients to concentrate on what’s essential to them.

We understand that family law matters may be the most challenging and involve your private life, which you wouldn’t ordinarily disclose with others. We handle these situations compassionately and without judgement for our customers.

How does Allied Goodwin Solicitors' family law section differ from others?

We go above and above to help you through the legal and emotional path.

Collaborative approach – although you will have a personal lawyer, our team collaborates on files to guarantee no delays in answering enquiries, establishing a feeling of familiarity, and giving you the benefit of each advisor’s expertise and experience.

We limit the concerns, negotiate strategically, and achieve an equitable deal to avoid court.