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Family Law Fees


Family is, for the vast majority of people, an important aspect of existence. We are eager to offer you confidential services during these trying times since we recognise that conflicts will eventually lead to unpleasant times.

For individuals affected by problems like domestic abuse, our services offer security. We categorically consider the custody arrangement for your child with the utmost attention at all times. A1 Solicitors is committed to treating sensitive issues with civility and undivided attention while preserving a high quality. Our services take young people’s and families’ lifestyles into account.

Since so few cases qualify for legal aid these days, we try to be accommodating with our pricing by offering fixed costs for certain of our work and, when possible, being able to provide our clients with flexible payment plans.

Our hourly rate is set at £350 flat fee rate. Our experienced lawyers will diligently track the time spent on your case, ensuring that you receive fair and transparent billing for the legal services provided. 


During your initial consultation, our experienced immigration lawyers will assess the details of your case and provide you with an estimate of the timeframes involved based on our knowledge and experience.

We will always endeavour to update you as your application / case progresses.


Please note that the fees mentioned above are indicative and may vary depending on the complexity of your case. Additionally, any applicable Home Office fees and other necessary disbursements are not included in the mentioned fees.

The costs of pursuing a case can only be estimated, without further details. We therefore recommend that you should contact one of our team members on 020 3343 6204 to discuss the matter.

This will enable our expert team to provide you with an accurate estimate based on your personal circumstances.


Our goal is to help clients understand their legal rights, responsibilities, and available remedies. The following are some of the efficient services that Allied Goodwin Solicitors may offer:

  • Divorce petition
  • Domestic violence application
  • Children cases – Child arrangement and Section 8 orders
  • Financial disputes /Ancillary relief proceedings
  • Representation – Immigration Tribunal and Family Courts
  • Cohabitation Law
  • Tolata Proceedings